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Oz digital is a premium digital marketing solution to help you attract new leads, look great online, and build your thought leadership.

Built On Client Trust

Our clients love working with Oz digital because of our core philosophies.

Fully Transparent

We communicate every step and line item with our clients so there is no hidden curtain or vague terms to hide behind.

No Contracts

We believe our work speaks for itself so we do not require long-term contracts that lock you in to bogus terms.


Unlike most digital marketing agencies, Oz digital holds the success of the campaign to its ROI outcomes for your brand.

Internet presence is a complex and intertwined intangible that is vital to conducting business in the 21st century.  Oz digital was founded because businesses are often left in the dark and treated as a number by giant marketing companies that churn through small businesses like sharks in the ocean.

Oz digital works one on one with every customer.  We have no horror stories or unhappy clients. We hold no one to contracts.  You can call us on our cellphones, and yes we do know the answer to your question immediately.

Tarek Osman,


With over 15 years of experience managing millions of dollars in client spend at multiple leading online marketing companies, Oz digital brings a deep knowledge base of not only the internet marketing world but also your world as a small business owner.

Understanding how your sales process congeals with the angle of how online leads are generated is very important to successful campaigns. Let us serve you up some slow pitch beach ball leads to hit out of the park.

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Oz digital provides digital marketing services including: Digital PR, Lead Generation, and Reputation Management.

Oz digital works mainly with services businesses but we can also provide services to ecommerce and technology companies as well.

Oz digital does not require any long-term contracts to work with us. We believe in a fluid, ongoing relationship where our clients are not locked into working with us.

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